My Account

My Account

We use Elexio Community to manage our church’s information and giving portal. Here you are able to access your personal account information, see your full giving history, and view the directory. Please read the information below before logging into your account. For further assistance, contact the church office at

Elexio Community Login (Elexio ChMS): If you accessed your Elexio account before, either through our website or the mobile app (MyChurch), please continue to use the same user name and password (user name = email address).

VIEW TAB: Once logged in, you can see your account information here.

EDIT TAB: If you wish to change any of your information, click on the “Edit” tab and update the appropriate area. We request that you enter your date of birth if you have not already done so. This information is kept private and cannot be seen by other members of the congregation.

GIVING TAB: Here you can see your FULL GIVING HISTORY and can filter that using the gear with drop-down arrow. While you can see your giving information, you cannot make online contributions from this page or anywhere within Elexio Community (Elexio ChMS)Please use the new Giving tab here on the GracePoint website.

ACCOUNT TAB: If you need to change your password, you may do so here. We request that you leave the settings on the right set as they are, including NOT opting out of mass emails.

DIRECTORY: On the left side of the screen, you may view the directory. A list of everyone in the directory is visible. To view a person’s address, phone number or email address, simply click on the person’s name. Alternatively, you may enter the name of the person you are searching for in the search bar (“Search for a person by name”) at the top of the screen and select the person for whom you are searching from the drop down list.

LOG OUT: To log out, hover the cursor over the circle with your initials in the upper right hand corner. From the drop down list, select “Logout.”