Sunday Service Information

In order to provide a safe environment for corporate worship, we have instituted the following protocols:

    • We may limit attendance each week based on the first letter of last names. Check the home page of this website to see which portion of the alphabet is invited for the current week or if all are invited.
    • We will Livestream the service on Facebook and post it on our website.
    • Please allow space between your family and others within each row. There is sufficient physical distance between the rows.
    • Face coverings are expected to be worn at all times throughout the building to comply with the current health mandate. Thank you!

If you are in a high-risk group because of your age, an underlying medical condition, or both, please do not feel pressure or guilt to attend the service in person. We want you to be safe, and we don’t want to be a source of harm to you. Although we miss you, perhaps the best thing for you to do at this time is to worship with us through the Livestream video.

Children’s Ministry is available for Nursery, preschool and grades K-5. In addition, the parent room is open for parents with infants and young toddlers.

If you have any questions, you may contact the church office at 717.473.3230, Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 3:00pm.