Small Groups

What are Small Groups?

Small Groups are designed to connect like-minded people so that they can care for one another and experience life together.  Most groups represent 8-15 people who meet on a regular basis to talk, laugh, serve and grow closer to God and each other.  Based on the model of the church in Acts 2, Small Groups are where we learn and apply what God is teaching us, share common interests, and enjoy life together.  Small Groups are commonly hosted in group member homes, but may also meet in restaurants, meeting rooms, and other practical locations.  Small Groups are communities where people are supported and encouraged to live out their faith in Christ.


We desire to promote a culture of connectivity so that every person has opportunity to love, learn and lead in the Body of Christ.


As a reflection of GracePoint Evangelical Free Church, Small Groups exist to offer meaningful connection, spiritual development, and service opportunity for each participant.